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Louisiana is open again. Please note that a Covid pass must be shown at the entrance and that mask or face coverings are still required. We look very much forward to welcoming you back!

Louisiana Highlights

Take a closer look at our exciting 2022 exhibition program

From the dynamic colours and patterns of modernist pioneer Sonia Delaunay and street life in New York in the 1950s and 1960s as captured by legendary Diane Arbus. From visionary architecture to arts and culture in Germany in the 1920s - here's what to look forward to at Louisiana in the year to come.


Featuring more than 900 videos, Louisiana's internationally acclaimed platform on the arts is a treasure trove in itself. Delve into this digital collection of portraits and interviews with visual artists, writers, architects etc.

your first visit?

If you are planning to visit the museum for the first time, we have gathered some information for you, which will be useful when planning your visit. We look forward to welcoming you.

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Nine signature works outside

In the series 'A Walk in the Park', which was shot in the spring of 2020, the museum's director Poul Erik Tøjner guides us to a number of the park's signature works.

The nine short films in the series range from the pop artist Roy Lichtenstein's yellow brushstrokes over Henry Heerup's granite figures to Alicja Kwade's stone globes and Alexander Calder's three masterpieces in front of the café.

Louisiana Channel is a non-profit website that provides culture to the Internet, extending beyond the museum’s own events. The Louisiana team produces videos about art and culture on an ongoing basis. New videos are posted at the site every week.

Videos on the arts, featuring the artists.

"I wanted to get people to feel that they could express individuality." Immerse yourself into the colourful and expressive world of Danish designer Stine Goya.