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Enjoy the beauty of the season at Louisiana: Gigantic paintings and woodcuts by Franz Gertsch, iconic contemporary art by Roni Horn and the flaming brushstrokes by Chaïm Soutine. On view is also Bourgeois x Giacometti & William Kentridge. Enjoy wonderful walks in the Sculpture Park, the many activities in the Children's Wing and splendid views of the sea – and maybe even a swim.

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Art Workshops for companies

The perfect choice for a creative and inspirational outing tegether with your colleagues or partners.

Painting, sculpture, drawing or graphic art... Explore the world of art and its processes together with colleagues and partners. With the help of Louisiana's skilled art facilitators, one of our four thematic Art Workshops gives you the opportunity to engage in dialogue with each other in new, thought-provoking ways.

Louisiana Channel is a non-profit website that provides culture to the Internet, extending beyond the museum’s own events. The Louisiana team produces videos about art and culture on an ongoing basis. New videos are posted at the site every week.

Videos on the arts, featuring the artists.

Painter Chaïm Soutine (1893-1943) stands as one of the significant sources of inspiration for abstract expressionism and thereby for a number of the most influential artists of the later 20th century. Just as his name and work are mentioned again and again when contemporary artists are asked to point to their artistic role models. In this film seven contemporary artists talk about one of the leading expressionists of the so-called School of Paris.


Nine signature works outside

In the series 'A Walk in the Park', the museum's director Poul Erik Tøjner guides us to a number of the park's signature works.

The nine short films in the series range from the pop artist Roy Lichtenstein's yellow brushstrokes over Henry Heerup's granite figures to Alicja Kwade's stone globes and Alexander Calder's three masterpieces in front of the café.


Featuring more than 900 videos, Louisiana's internationally acclaimed platform on the arts is a treasure trove in itself. Delve into this digital collection of portraits and interviews with visual artists, writers, architects etc.