Grundskolen, Ungdomsuddannelser

Louisiana sculpture park

    Often we encounter sculptures in the passin - in parks, in urban spaces, in squares and in front of buildings.

    In the past 100 year the concept of sculpture has undergone a transformation. Today sculptures rarely refer to Gods, heroes or historical events but more often about elements and characteristics about the sculpture itself and our sensory experience of it.

    Contemporary sculpture can be regarded as a dialogue between object and space, an interaction between substance, light and shadow. A sculpture too has a body just like a human or a building. It offers an opportunity to reflect on how we experience and understand the physical appearance of objects, the space around us and some of the forces and conditions to which we are subjected  – ranging from our placement in time and space to our point of views and gravity.

    Louisiana sculpture park has more than 50 sculptures from most of the 20th century placed in different surroundings. The sculptures vary greatly in artistic intention and expression. Through real-life encounters, sketching and dialogue-based exercises we compare the specific characteristics of the sculptures to improve our understanding of the common that makes the contemporary.

    In  the Summer it is possible to book the sculpture park programme as part of either the Create the New-programme or Body and Language/Body, gender and identity. We offer 1 and 2-hour sessions and all sessions are tailored to the age group and qualifications. The Louisiana-led session is based on dialogue, sketching and process writing. In the 2-hour session the second part takes place in the workshop where students work creatively inspired by the exhibition.

    Visit KUNSTEDER.DK – an educational site for teachers and students in upper secondary education about site-specific art. You will also find learning resources for several of the sculptures in the Louisiana sculpture park.

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    Call + 45 49 19 07 19 (Monday – Thursday 09:00 – 15:00)
    Upon booking we ask you to specify:

    • Date and time for the learning-session
    • Number of participating students
    • Which session you wish to book
    • Contact information including an email for the order confirmation
    • If any in the group has walking difficulties in regard to accessibility of the teaching room

    1-hour session
    Sessions are available for a maximum of 28 students Tuesday to Friday at 11:15, 12:30, 13:00 and 14:00.
    Price: DKK 500

    2-hour session
    Sessions are available for a maximum of 28 students Tuesday to Friday at 11:15 and 14:00.
    Price: DKK 950

    Choose between:

    • A 2-hour session with a creative workshop after a visit in the gallery.
    • A 2-hour session in the gallery with more time for conversion and creative activities in front of the artworks.

    Meeting point
    In the foyer at the museum entrance.