Grundskolen, Ungdomsuddannelser

Contemporary art

    How do we understand contemporary art? And how does contemporary art relate to the world we are part of?

    Please notice that this programme is offered only as 1-hour sessions.

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    Contemporary art provokes and surprises. Often it promotes more questions than answers and therefore partakes in creating a mental space for reflection about the temporary now. A temporary now that we are part of as a society, a group, and as an individual, and where we are moving towards. Contemporary art can potentially push and move our judgements or expectations to each other or ourselves, as it introduces alternative perspectives on areas that we otherwise consume through information streams on television, newsletters, and the internet. Such areas and topics can be identity, gender, society and individual, politics and history-writing.

    In the learning programme we discuss materials, themes, and strategies of contemporary art, anchored in the newest acquisitions of the museum collection and current exhibitions.

    This learning programme is offered as a 1-hour session. Programmes are adapted to age and learning level and takes place within the exhibition with creative exercises and dialogue-based discussions.

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