The Architect’s Studio – Cave_bureau opening talk

  • Date
    Thursday 29. June
  • Time
    Kl. 17:00
  • Place
  • Price
    Gratis + 10 kr. billetgebyr

The sixth and final exhibition in The Architect’s Studio series opens with a talk by the two founders of Kenyan Cave_bureau, architects Kabage Karanja and Stella Mutegi.


TICKET: Free + 10 DKK in fee (please note, the ticket does not include entrance to the museum).

The two architects will introduce the show and discuss some of the most important questions raised by the exhibition together with two experts within the research field of “The Anthropocene.”

Cave_bureau focuses on local cultures and peoples in Kenya and Africa who are affected by the green transition. Under the title The Anthropocene Museum, they highlight one of the most controversial topics of our time, the “age of humankind,” which is the geological time period that we are said to live in now.

In a conversation with Mark Williams, Professor of Palaeobiology, and Linguist and Senior Lecturer in African languages, Dr. Ida Hadjivayanis, Cave_bureau will discuss some of the problems faced by the African continent in a time of crisis such as the Anthropocene.

Please note that the talk is set for approximately an hour and will be in English. 

  • Dr. Ida Hadjivayanis

    Ida Hadjivayanis is Senior Lecturer in Swahili Studies at SOAS University of London. Her area of research is the Swahili Diaspora, Indian Ocean and Swahili language, culture, and translation. Ida is interested in the role of languages in understanding cultural and communal differences in climate discourse.

  • Prof. Mark Williams

    Palaeontologist Professor Mark Williams examines the evolution of life over geological timescales. Over three decades his research has taken him from the tropics to the polar regions, working across terrains as diverse as glaciers, deserts, jungles and everything in between.


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