Christmas holidays in the Children's Wing

  • Date
    Past Event
  • Time
    Kl. 11:00 - 18:00
  • Place
    The Children's Wing
  • Price

Take a Christmas break at The Children's Wing, where you can explore the world through art. You can e.g. make cosmic Christmas decorations and Christmas cards, build strange haunted houses and bake imaginative gingerbread - and much more.

Children & young people up to 18 have free entry to Louisiana and The Children’s Wing. The museum is closed on 24, 25, and 31 December and 1 and 2 January 2023. 



All workshops in The Children’s Wing are free and take place Tuesday-Sunday from 11-17.30 from 22-30 December. PLEASE NOTE that the New Year’s workshop takes place 26-30 December and the baking workshop takes place from 12-16 every day. Read more below.

Cosmic Christmas decorations inspired by Alicja Kwade
Paint your cosmic Christmas ball ornament and cards inspired by Alicja Kwade’s large stone globes, which are on show in the Sculpture Park just outside the Children’s Wing.

Baking workshop from 12-16 every day 
Take a closer look at Alex Da Corte’s imaginative figures and shapes, and create your animal or fruit in gingerbread dough, which is then baked for you to decorate.

People & machines – collage workshop
The German artists of the 1920s were fascinated by machines and created crazy and funny images with clippings of the world of the future.

Transformation of books – drawing workshop
The American artist Richard Prince plays with images he finds in magazines and books. He transforms old book covers into new re-mixed stories. Try to come up with new stories on book covers yourself.

Cowboy sculptures – clay workshop
See how artist Richard Prince creates images of cowboys. In the workshop, you can shape cowboy hats, horses, and other things you associate with cool cowboys.

The poetic world of cacti – painting workshop
Look at how the German artists in the 1920s painted cacti, flowers, glass, and other objects – and create your painting.

Haunted houses – construction workshop
Build your own haunted house with matches, pipe cleaners, and colourful scraps of paper. Maybe funny creatures and ghosts are living there?

Family tour for the 4-16-year-olds and their adults at 11.30-12.15
Step into Alex Da Corte’s colorful universe with one of Børnehuset’s art mediators. Registration takes place on the day in the Children’s House. Participation is free. Please note that space is limited.

Wild, colorful New Year’s hats from 26-30 December (both days, incl.)
Create festive and crazy New Year’s hats inspired by Alex Da Corte’s colorful universe.