(SOLD OUT) Electronic sound waves with Caspar Hesselager & Simon Littauer

  • Date
    Friday 13. November
  • Time
    Kl. 20:00
  • Place
    The Concert Hall
  • Price
    DKK 195,- (+ booking fee DKK 10)

Musicians Caspar Hesselager and Simon Littauer will visit the museum with live-music generated on the spot by their modular synthesizers.

The concert is sold out.

Please note, the concert ticket includes entrance to the museum.

The synthesizer plays an enormous role in contemporary mainstream music today – despite meeting the world and gaining an audience for the first time during the experimental times of the late 60s.

It started as a highly custom-made “modular” instrument – hence the name. The sound of the instrument was made by connecting multiple blocks of analog components with cables – just like how they did on old telephone exchanges with electrical switchboards. This expensive and time-consuming practice was, however, lost in favour of the digital revolution of the 80s.

Today, the modular synthesizer is having a renaissance, and the scene is flourishing around the world. Hesselager and Littauer will perform multiple pieces, both individually and together on a setup, which is especially created for the concert at Louisiana. The sonic potential is unlimited – and in the right hands, the music can sound unique, rich and deep, detailed and expressive – as a mix of the past and the future.

Simon Littauer

Danish musician and composer with live-performance of modular synthesizers as a focal point in his work. As he is exploring how a performer interfaces with the electronic instrument, he designs his own machines and systems to augment the flexibility and expressivenes with haptic sensors, rythmic multiplicators and stochastic compositional techniques. His sound is dynamic, multilayered, fragmented and draws inspiration from electronic music giants such as Aphex Twin, Brian Eno and Autechre as well as Richard Devine – a contemporary frontrunner in the field, who has been acting as Littauer’s supervisor in his soloist studies at the rythmic music conservatory of Copenhagen. The danish music magazine Soundvenue, describes his sound as “the kind of music that makes you forget time and place, and makes the universe feels infinitely large and small at the same time”, in a five star review of his live-performance at Roskilde Festival.

Simon Littauer has impressed international audiences with performances at By:Larm in Oslo, G! Festival at the Faroe Islands, in the Royal Danish Theatre as well as in countless venues and nightclubs.

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Caspar Hesselager

His music has a strong orchestral tone and covers a wide range of expression, from melancholic and euphoric to violent, percussive and overwhelming. Influenced by neo-classical composers such as Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Terry Riley and Arvo Pärt, as well as synthesizer masters Suzanne Ciani, Barry Schrader and Keith Fullerton Whitman, Caspar Hesselager also echoes his own background in classical music. Originally a trained classical pianist, as well as an experienced improviser, his music contains traces to the counterpoint and myriads of voices of the baroque, the emotional outpour of late romanticism, as well as the 20th century avantgarde.

Based on setting up opportunities for improvisation, the music and performance relies on a high level of interaction from the player. The nature of the instruments – the modular synthesizer – means that no two performances can or will ever be the same.

His latest album ‘6 synthesizer performances’ is a collection af six one-take performances on a modular synthesizer.

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