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Giacometti workshop

  • Date
    Sunday 17. September
  • Time
    Kl. 13:00 - 15:00
  • Place
    The Children's Wing
  • Price
    Free for museum guests

Join us for one day when The Children's Wing becomes Alberto Giacometti's atelier.

The workshop is in English and free for the museum’s guests. Registration is required at before 17 September at 12:00.

Visit the Giacometti Gallery to see his sculptures firsthand. You’ll use your adult as a model when we observe, play, and sketch.

Back in The Children’s Wing, we transform sketches into clay sculptures in an authentic Giacometti way. Parents and relatives are more than welcome to take part in the experience.

Registration is required at email before 17 September at 12:00. 

The workshop is free for museum guests and created for children and young adults between 7-14 years old. Please notice children under 18 have free entrance to Louisiana.

Giacometti Gallery

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The works of Alberto Giacometti constitute a great pillar of the Louisiana Collection. The museum’s large collection of his original sculptures interplay perfectly with the architecture of Louisiana.