Introduction to Louisiana and current exhibitions (in English)

  • Date
    Past Event
  • Time
    Kl. 14:00 - 14:45
  • Place
    The exhibitions
  • Price
    Free for museum guests

Get ready to explore Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. After a brief introduction to the museum, its park and collection it is time for a walk through the museum to find the current exhibitions - Alex Da Corte, Dorothy Iannone, Forensic Architecture.

Please note, that registration for the introduction is required. Max. 25 persons per introduction.


We meet in the museum foyer.

Max. 25 persons per introduction. You need to pick up a ticket for the introduction beforehand. The tickets are available two hours before the introduction at the entrance. Free for Louisiana’s guests.

Giacometti Gallery

Related Exhibitions

The works of Alberto Giacometti constitute a great pillar of the Louisiana Collection. The museum’s large collection of his original sculptures interplay perfectly with the architecture of Louisiana.