Mike Stern - Jazz/Takes

  • Date
    Friday 3. September
  • Time
    Kl. 20:30
  • Place
    Concert Hall
  • Price
    Price DKK 375 (+ fee DKK 10)

American jazz/fusion guitarist Mike Stern is widely acclaimed as one of the most innovative, influential and original guitarists of his generation. In this concert he takes the lead in exploring the music of Iron Maiden, Metallica, Slayer, Black Sabbath and Judas Priest through the lens of jazz.

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When first exposed to a larger audience as a member of Miles Davis’ celebrated comeback band of the early 1980s, Mike Stern’s personal and refreshing blend of rock, blues and jazz influences didn’t sound like anything anyone had ever heard before and his performances on Miles Davis albums such as “Man With The Horn” and “We Want Miles” sent shock waves through the jazz community worldwide.

He subsequently released 18 albums of his own and collaborated with all the greatest artists of the jazz/fusion movement, including Billy Cobham, the Brecker Brothers, Jaco Pastorius, Steps Ahead, David Sanborn, Blood, Sweat & Tears, to name but a few. Known for being almost exclusively devoted to his own original material in recent decades, Stern has previously accepted doing two rare and privileged concerts for the Niels Lan Doky International Jazz Collective, one where he performed Jimi Hendrix material (2018) and another where he did a Jazz/Take on 1960s psychedelic rock (2019).

This brand new 2021 project is a natural extension of the previous ones, with the challenge of jazz/takes on Heavy Metal – a genre that goes beyond but can trace its roots back to Hendrix and psychedelic rock. All of these genres are predominantly guitar driven and became widely popular up through the 1970s. As a result, all of the jazz/fusion music that emerged in that decade was heavily rock-influenced and also to a large extent guitar driven, with groups like Return To Forever and John McLaughlin’s Mahavishnu Orchestra among the prime beacons of new guitar-driven jazz styles.

Mike Stern is of a generation that came of age in the late 1960s and 1970s when Heavy Metal emerged - and it is hard to imagine that it would not have had an impact on his musical development.

Join us as we explore the music of Iron Maiden, Metallica, Slayer, Black Sabbath and Judas Priest through the lens of jazz. Joining Mike Stern on stage are the two French twin brothers (pictured here), both compelling virtuosos in their own right, bassist François Moutin and drummer Louis Moutin.

The great tenor saxophonist from Budapest, Hungary, Gábor Bolla, completes the line-up.

Exclusive jazz collective

The Niels Lan Doky International Jazz Collective is an association of prolific musicians from Europe, North America and South America, devoted to presenting curated, unique and exclusive jazz performances which cannot be heard anywhere else.

The collective is led by pianist Niels Lan Doky, whom the international press has hailed as “the best pianist of his generation” and “one of the most important pianists that European jazz has given us in the last 45 years”.

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