Modern Standards (SOLD OUT)

  • Date
    Friday 8. March
  • Time
    Kl. 20:00
  • Place
    The Concert Hall
  • Price
    DKK 395 (+ fee DKK 10)

Darryl Jones. Foto/Photo: Attila Kleb.

Experience Ernie Watts, Darryl Jones, Harvey Mason and Niels Lan Doky when they come together on the stage in the Concert Hall for an evening of compelling jazz interpretations.

The concert is sold out.

Please note, the concert ticket includes entrance to the museum.

In the Fall of 2022 a spectacular supergroup of musicians came together to tour Europe and the US based on the idea of renewing and updating the jazz standard repertoire. Saxophonist Bill Evans, pianist Niels Lan Doky, bassist Darryl Jones and drummer Harvey Mason took on the challenge of delivering convincing jazz takes on songs by contemporary pop icons such as Nirvana, Seal, Soundgarden and Patti Smith and blended them seamlessly with a few of their own originals as well as a classic by Miles Davis, proving the viability of the concept. For the second European tour in 2024 Ernie Watts will be replacing Bill Evans.

Harvey Mason. Foto/Photo: Attila Kleb.

While the creative task is complex, the concept is simple: Interpreting broadly known songs through the lens of jazz. But why? The repertoire commonly referred to as “Jazz Standards” consists mainly of pop songs from the 1930s and 1940s reworked by jazz musicians of that time, to offer the general public a radically different perspective on widely popular songs. But the jazz renditions eventually outlived the original versions and jazz musicians continued to play and record these same songs over and over and eventually began creating renditions of each other’s renditions, instead of exploring and embracing brand new songs. Ultimately everyone forgot about the original versions and decades later these 80+ year old pop songs became permanently identified as the classic repertoire of jazz.

Niels Lan Doky has always had a desire to revive and modernize this old tradition. Throughout his vast discography he has experimented extensively with instrumental modern jazz interpretations of contemporary pop songs – and arguably more so than any other jazz artist since the original jazz standards were conceived more than 8 decades ago. This work of his has greatly intensified since 2020 when he took up residency at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark to produce regular concert series there exclusively devoted to his “jazz/takes” or “modern standards” as he and his fellow musicians like to call them, covering songs from a seemining unlimited spectrum of genres of contemporary popular music, ranging from 1960s Psychedelic Rock, to 1970s Soul, Disco, Funk and New York Post Punk, 1980s UK New Wave, 1990s Hip Hop, Britpop and Seattle Grunge, French Electronic, Mainstream pop hits of the 2010s and 2020s and much more – culminating in 2022 in 2023 with international tours spearheaded by this repertoire performed by supergroup lineups featuring some of the greatest and most acclaimed jazz musicians of all time, such as Randy Brecker, Bill Evans, Billy Cobham, Darryl Jones and Harvey Mason, among others. Not only has this music yielded great success, it is now also starting to reach a critical mass that could potentially turn it into the start of a new movement in jazz.

The album Modern Standards (dobbelt vinyl LP) with Evans/Doky/Jones/Mason can be purchased here.


Ernie Watts has been called “one of the greatest living saxophonists.” His work with Charlie Haden’s Quartet West and Pat Metheny’s Special Quartet is legendary. He won 2 Grammy Awards for albums produced by Quincy Jones, worked with Thelonious Monk and has recorded over 1500 albums and film scores with icons such as Lee Ritenour, Dave Grusin, Marvin Gaye, Steely Dan, Carole King and all the Motown artists

Aside from performing, arranging, composing, and producing music Niels Lan Doky has worked as a film director, author, venue owner, speaker, and he is Knighted by HM Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. International press have called him “the best pianist of his generation” and “one of the most important pianists that European jazz has given us in the last 45 years”.

Originally from Chicago, bassist Darryl Jones rose to fame in the mid-1980s recording and touring worldwide with Miles Davis. In 1985, he became a member of Sting’s first solo band with Branford Marsalis, Kenny Kirkland, and Omar Hakim. Jones joined the Rolling Stones after bassist Bill Wyman retired and has toured and recorded with the band since 1994.

Harvey Mason is one of the most recorded drummers of all time. His credentials reflect mind-boggling versatility (Björk, James Brown, Celine Dion, Duke Ellington, and Earth Wind & Fire are barely the tip of the iceberg). His most famous jazz work includes the groundbreaking Herbie Hancock album “Headhunters”, he also co-wrote the hit song “Chameleon”.

The concert is supported by The Augustinus Foundation.


There will be no break during this concert.

Concerts are held with numbered seats, and the doors open 25 minutes before the concert starts – access via the Winter Garden. Seats on the balcony are reserved for wheelchair users and can be booked by phoning +45 49190719.