Artist talk, Louisiana Lecture

LOOSE ASSOCIATIONS: Wretched ’20, 2023

  • Date
    Wednesday 6. March
  • Time
    Kl. 19:30
  • Place
  • Price
    Kr. 20 ekskl. entré til museet

The latest performative lecture from a 20-year series, written and performed by the British artist Ryan Gander annually since 2000.


PRICE: DKK 20. Please note that the ticket does not include entrance.

A touring lecture presented in person by the artist. The talk sits on the brink between lecture, performance, and presentation. Its format and consistency are reminiscent of an informal conversation amongst friends in a pub; its subjects roam aimlessly, linked only by seemingly trivial facts. Incorporating a vast array of linked everyday phenomena associated with hidden languages and abbreviations, presented using video, images, and sound within the authority of a lecture/theatre environment, the work attempts to question the use, interpretation, and regurgitation of knowledge and information within common educational models.

The lectures have been planned and written to make a continuous, ever-expanding collection of knowledge.

Ryan Gander, b. 1976 is an artist living and working in Suffolk, UK. Gander is represented in the exhibition The Irreplaceable Human – Conditions of Creativity in the Age of AI with the installations: 2000 year collaboration (The Prophet), 2018, School of Languages, 2023 and Chronos Kairos, 88.88, 2023.

Please note the event is in English.

The Irreplaceable Human

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