Subscription series: Liya Petrova, Lise Berthaud, Victor Julien-Laferrière & Pavel Kolesnikov (SOLD OUT)

  • Date
    Friday 12. April
  • Time
    Kl. 20:00
  • Place
    The Concert Hall
  • Price
    DKK 2.275 (includes 7 concerts)

The seventh concert of the subscription series 2023-2024:
Liya Petrova on violin, Lise Berthaud on viola, Victor Julien-Laferrière on cello and Pavel Kolesnikov on piano.

The subscription series is sold out.

Please note, a reduced price of DKK 700 for people under the ages of 30.


DEBUSSY Sonate for violin and piano
GIDEON KLEIN string trio
FAURÉ Piano quartet op. 15