Louisiana Lecture

The Architecture of Memory - Eyal Weizman

  • Date
    Saturday 21. May
  • Time
    Kl. 15:00
  • Place
    Concert Hall
  • Price
    DKK 20 - does not include entry

Meet architect Eyal Weizman, founder and director of Forensic Architecture, and learn more on his activist practice and how Forensic Architecture uses the techniques and technologies of architecture to investigate conflicts and crimes around the world.


PRICE: DKK 20. Please note, that the ticket does not include entry to Louisiana.

Forensic Architecture is an interdisciplinary research unit based at Goldsmiths University in London. It is led by the architect Eyal Weizman and deals with solving crimes against civilians by, among other things, analyzing architecture and landscape from the idea that architecture also has a memory.

Forensic Architecture’s work is best described as a mixture of forensic unit and journalistic “digging group” – with a practice that is far from what we normally associate with architecture. Like other architects, they use the analysis and modeling of space, but for the purpose of shedding light on events and giving both human and material witnesses the opportunity to be heard.

The lecture will be in English.

Forensic Architecture

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Forensic Architecture is an interdisciplinary agency operating between architecture, journalism, law, human rights, environment, etc. with the aim of uncovering conflicts and crimes on a global scale.