Colour Form Texture

20.6.18 - 21.10.18

From the sensual to the cool, the fluid to the solid. Classics and brand new works came together in the West Wing, challenging the senses and showcasing the full range of the Louisiana Collection in this 60th anniversary season.

A great deal of modern art immediately appeals to the senses by primarily expressing itself as materials, colours, forms, surfaces and textures. This presentation of masterworks and trends from the Louisiana’s rich collections of painting and sculpture from World War II to the present unfolded the full range of sensuousness and materiality – from fluid and organic to minimalist, tight forms.

Some of these works turn softness and texture into painterly and sculptural qualities in their own right. Others highlight the chemical reactions of materials combined with the effects of gravity and time – the magic of serendipity. Some explore infinite nuances of colour and the complexity of perception, while others meet us in the room as cool, geometric objects.

With works by among others Sigmar Polke, Morris Louis, Yves Klein, Alex Da Corte, Franz West and Marilyn Minter one will discover a series of productive dialogues and critical exchanges taking place across generations and artistic positions.

COLOUR FORM TEXTURE was one of two major presentations of works from the museum collection this season. The other, on show in the museum East Wing, highlighted two themes, Men and Masculinity and War and Conflict.