Dana Schutz

9.2.23 - 11.6.23

American artist Dana Schutz (b. 1976) is one of the great figurative painters of our time: an eminent storyteller who depicts people - and our relationships - in complex and often gigantic compositions. Her universe is disturbing and fascinating and makes us want to scream, laugh and cry at the same time.

The gruesome, grotesque, absurd and comic merge in the works of American artist Dana Schutz, who was born in 1976 in Michigan, and today lives and works in Brooklyn. For two decades now, she has distinguished herself with her fabulous narrative power, vigorous sense of colors and dramatic nerve – a true story painter for our time.

Although Schutz’s art can seem grim, crass, at times almost repulsive – this is heavy stuff indeed – there is definitely something compelling, even enchanting about it. And one is never in doubt of the the artist’s deep, underlying compassion and sensitivity towards the society and the times in which we live together.

Dana Schutz remains deeply concerned about people and our mutual relationships – everything that separates us, binds us together and takes place between us – hence the title of the exhibition Between Us.

Contemporary mythology

In her works, Dana Schutz has moved from chaotic-claustrophobic scenes – especially linked to youth and typically with single figures – towards increasingly complex motifs, populated by numerous actors.

The exhibition will present several of these very large paintings, where groups of people e.g. fight for the top of a mountain, try to survive in a boat on the high seas, or have ventured out in a group with rafts in an attempt to beat the sun.

These are scenes of an almost biblical format, which take on the character of a kind of contemporary mythology. Of course, Schutz is absolutely modern, but it is quite clear that she “knows” and “masters” her classics and willingly draws on references to the great traditions of history painting.

Painting today

The exhibition is a continuation of Louisiana's preoccupation with painting as an artistic practice – even today.

The presentation of Dana Schutz should be perceived as a natural extension of Louisiana's exhibitions with international contemporary painters such as Peter Doig, Daniel Richter, Tal R, Cecily Brown and Mamma Andersson.

The exhibition presents both paintings, drawings and graphics as well as sculpture and provides an overview of her entire career spanning two decades. It is accompanied by a Louisiana Revy and by an international catalogue in English. Subsequently, the exhibition will be shown at the MAM, Musée d'Art Moderne in Paris.

Meet Dana Schutz

In this Louisiana Channel studio visit with Dana Schutz she talks about her work and about the inherent power and potential of paintings.

Louisiana’s guests have already had a chance to get acquainted with Dana Schutz for the past year. One of her works has been presented in the Jorn Gallery as part of the latest presentation of new acquisitions in the museum’s collection.

Schutz on sculpture

In this short Louisiana Channel video, Dana Schutz talks about why she has also started working with sculptural forms. Watch her work with clay in her Brooklyn studio.