Mika Rottenberg

25.9.21 - 18.12.21

Mika Rottenberg mirrors and nails the global situation and human condition of our day and age. She mixes film, installation and sculpture, weaving truth with fiction to create spellbinding works that are both absurd, surrealistic, critical, loving – and fun.

The exhibition is supported by C.L. Davids Fond og Samling

Mika Rottenberg was born 1976 in Argentina, grew up in Israel and is now based in New York. She stands as one of the great names of contemporary art with a body of work that can be seen as an allegory of the global situation – our inter-connections, crises, our unexpected and sometimes cosmic encounters.

Over the past 15 years she has created a chorus of ideas and voices – critical as well as absurd and humorous. This exhibition will also present a brand new category of works – kinetic sculptures that call for the active participation of the viewer. Scenery, films and visitors will form new alliances and showcasing art at a time when globalization, science fiction and absurd comedy play key roles.

The human attitude to work functions, value creation and collectivities is central to Rottenberg’s art, and as such her art is a very welcome contribution to the description of a capitalist civilization in which we all appear as units of production in a dizzying system of global consumption.

Louisiana's large-scale exhibition will be shown in the West Wing and is titles 'Bowls Balls Souls Holes'.


Mika Rottenberg’s works have typically been based on films installed with theatrical props around them – as in the work Cosmic Generator from 2017, a kind of Chinese shop from which we are accelerated back and forth filmically between a dusty town on the Mexican-US border and a giant wholesale market in China. This work is a recent acquisition to the Louisiana Collection.

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Mika Rottenberg finds her odd “bigger than life characters” on the internet. In her peculiar, dreamlike video works they use their bodies as means of production creating what the artist calls “a spiritual kind of Marxism.”