Peter Doig

17.4.15 - 23.8.15

Doig created visual spaces, which one gets fascinated by and wanted to delve into. The exhibition presented a selection of the artist's paintings in immersive, large-scale formats where the motifs showed people and architecture in nameless and timeless landscapes in glowing colours.

The exhibition is supported by C. L. David Foundation and Collection. 

Peter Doig’s pictorial world was at once strange, romantic, and hypermodern. Internationally, he was considered to be one of the most fascinating painters of our time – and had achieved the status of a ‘contemporary classic.’

Doig mastered techniques from both past and present – and the layers of paint on his canvases often acted as small alchemical miracles, the eye could enjoy and frolic in.

He based his works on a private stock of images – photographs, magazine clippings and record covers, film material, and found objects, which he incorporated into his paintings in a new way. Doig’s pictorial world was in every way magical. The exhibition had been organized in collaboration with Fondation Beyeler in Riehen – and presented 30 of Doig’s oil paintings in large formats and a selection of his graphic works on paper.


“And suddenly you can get this feeling of sinking into the painting and drowning in the paint fluids.” This is how art historian Helle Brøns describes an encounter with Peter Doig’s painting.

When you took a closer look at the artist’s colorful landscapes, you discover that the canvas is filled with paint of different consistency and character, where not only the sensible brushwork, but also the scraped layers of paint, splashing, drippings and experiments with textures come alive. Here, up close, Peter Doig’s paintings seem to act as biological and magical chemical processes – as pure alchemy!