The Ocean

11.10.24 - 27.4.25

J.C. Dahl, Søstykke med et vrag, 1831. SMK

Dreams and nightmares, yearning and anxiety, beauty and horror. A voyage of discovery, this major thematic Louisiana exhibition brings together myths, history and contemporary life in the intersection of international art, science and cultural history.

The ocean makes up about three quarters of the planet’s surface, and there is still so much about it we haven’t yet explored or know. But when it comes to the world of our imagination, an infinite flood of notions, stories and fantastic creatures emerges.


Olaus Magnus, Carta Marina, 1539 (udsnit).

Sigurdur Gudmundsson, Horizontal Thoughts (study), 1970-71. Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Erhvervet med midler fra Augustinus Fonden

This is were we meet Odysseus, Jonah in the whale’s belly and blissful dreams of the wet element from which both gods and humans have risen. And where we embark on a journey that takes us from great adventurers, underestimated scientists and maritime disasters to ‘perfect’ storms and the very present, alarming threat of ever-rising sea levels.

Wolfgang Tillmans, Louisiana, 1996. Farveprint monteret på Dibond. Erhvervet med midler fra Augustinus Fonden

The exhibition follows in the footsteps of a series of acclaimed thematic Louisiana exhibitions such as The Arctic (2013) and The Moon (2018).