William Kentridge

16.2.17 - 18.6.17

For the first time in Scandinavia Louisiana presented a major solo exhibition of the South African artist William Kentridge, who is known all over the world for his drawings, films, sculp­tures, performances and opera and drama productions.

William Kentridge is born 1955 in Johannesburg, where he still resides and has his studio. He had his breakthrough in the early 1990s with poetic black-and-white stop-motion films, but since the turn of the millennium he has developed his formal idiom and combined his love of both the film and theatre world in a series of overwhelming installations – environments, or a kind of theatrical stages in which the viewer is enveloped and overwhelmed by compositions consisting of moving images, music and sculptural objects.

At the heart of the exhibition was humanity; colonized, regulated, oppressed, fleeing or dreaming humanity. With great humor, empathy and poetry Kentridge’s works show how human beings navigate the world, and how much we are marked by and subject to mappings, concepts of time and ideology.

The exhibition William Kentridge – Thick Time was organized in collaboration with Whitechapel Gallery, London, Museum der Moderne Salzburg and The Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester.

C. L. Davids Fond og Samling has supported the exhibition.

New masterpieces

William Kentridge – Thick Time focused on a number of the artist’s distinctive works from the period 2003-2016, among others Right Into Her Arms (2016), O Sentimental Machine (2015) and More Sweetly Play the Dance (2015). Naturally the new acquisition to the Louisiana Collection The Refusal of Time (2012) - a masterly installation first shown here in the spring of 2016 - was also a part of the presentation as was an entirely new work that Kentridge prepared specifically for the exhibition at Louisiana.

Videos in the catalogue

Download An Art App and expereince William Kentridge's works come alive

A selection of William Kentridge's works can be viewed as moving images in the exhibition catalogue. To view the video sequences download AN ART app to your smartphone or tablet.

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