The museum opens every day at 10 during the Autumn Holidays, Saturday 10. - Sunday 18. October. Visit the Children's Wing from 10-18 (Monday 12. October is closed).

Please note, that there may be some waiting before joining the workshops. Please do not hesitate to ask in the Children's Wing, what other fun Autumn holiday activities you can join in on, if you are not able to wait.

Children under 18 have free entrance to the museum and the Children’s Wing.

Travel around a world of art

Spend the Autumn Holidays on the Children's Wing's colorful art trips. All children can be given a travel passport for e.g. Japan, Mexico and India.

Build small Indian houses inspired by architect Anupama Kundoo, explore new animal species with Japanese Tetsumi Kudo and draw yourselves with your favorite sculpture in the park and win great prizes from Panduro Hobby.

You can also eat homemade snake-twist bread or paint portraits and dream landscapes a la the Mexican surrealists in The Lake Garden.

Remember to book timeslots for the whole family before your visit.