About Louisiana

With its 600,000-700,000 annual visitors, Louisiana is the most visited museum for modern and contemporary art in Scandinavia. The museum is internationally recognized for its exceptional exhibitions, and ever-growing collection as well as for its dynamic and vibrant cultural programme.

Louisiana is often hailed as one of the most beautiful museums in the world due to the harmonious architecture and scenic location. Since its opening in 1958, the museum has conveyed international art and culture of high quality to its guests in Humlebæk. The aim has been – and is – to reach a large and diverse audience with an equally broad and varied selection of art and culture from the 20th and 21st centuries.

Louisiana’s director Poul Erik Tøjner explains that the museum wishes to attain popularity without being populistic, and that an important part of Louisiana’s purpose “is to create community between people across space and time.”

This is based on the belief that the physical encounter with art and the living conversation about it are important for our society: “We become wiser,” says Poul Erik Tøjner, “we expand our experience and our horizons. Things we take for granted, are suddenly seen from a different perspective, things we didn’t know suddenly become clear.

Louisiana strives, with the help of the artists and the artistic experience, to be an up-to-date and sustainable framework for a get-together that brings the individual and the many forward. We value diversity both in the exhibition program and in the acquisitions for the museum’s collection, as well as among the people who work on Louisiana.”


In November 2023, the museum presented an overall strategy for the work with sustainability towards 2050. The strategy is the result of an extensive proces led by a steering group that has involved both employees and departments at the museum, collaboration with international colleagues (Rijksmuseum, Victoria & Albert, Tate, et al.), the Danish consulting firm Nordic Sustainability and a permanent Sustainability Manager. On the basis of this strategy, action plans and a large number of concrete measures are drawn up - and have already been implemented - to guide the museum towards the fulfillment of the outlined objectives.

Louisiana’s partners have a vital role to play in making sustainability a key aspect of all activities at the museum. We have therefore drawn up a Code of Conduct, covering environmental, social and ethical requirements, as we seek to achieve new standards precisely through collaborative efforts.

For questions and comments regarding sustainability at Louisiana pls contact sustainability@louisiana.dk

Code of conduct for Louisiana partners

To ensure and develop cultural heritage in Denmark

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is a government approved museum established by Knud W. Jensen as an independant institution. The museum receives approx 15% in operating support from the public, the rest is financed through own earnings and sponsors.

  • Articles of Association

    Louisiana’s articles of assocation mandates that in its operation the museum “through its collections, exhibitions and other activities must always aim to promote cultural life in Denmark.” Read Articles of Association

  • Organization

    For an overview of Louisiana’s board, management and departments, as well as the name and email address of relevant contact persons please find info here

  • Annual reports

    Annual reports from the year 2009 and onwards are available only in Danish and can be found here

  • Working at the museum

    Louisiana is also a large workplace with almost 300 employees, spread across many disciplines. What we all have in common is commitment, pride and a desire to give our guests the best possible experience when visiting us. Jobs and career and vacancies