The project CREATE THE NEW TOGETHER strengthens creative thinking and points to the important inter-disciplinarity that can take place across school subjects. At the same time, school children and their teachers explore together with Louisiana Learning how art can lead to new forms of learning and communities at school.

The children work in three workshops inspired by three artists from Louisiana’s collection – Yayoi Kusama, Superflex and Henry Moore – and test their artistic methods to ‘create the new’.

The project is supported by the Augustinus Foundation and is linked to the free teaching platform Kunstportalen, where teachers can find inspiration for artistic teaching courses in schools.

Download inspirational material for Create the New Together – in Danish

Creating the new together

Get to know the thoughts behind the project Creating the new together, where Louisiana's art educators visit schools and work with the artistic process for a whole week. We are inspired by selected artists from Louisiana's collection and move into their studio together to try out their methods for creating the new.

Yayoi Kusama workshop

In Yayoi Kusama's studio, we focus on her method, which stems from a fundamental uncertainty, but also her urge to be open and connect us with each other and the universe. We work with photography and painting inspired by Kusama's works.

Superflex workshop

Superflex uses society as their studio. The artists' method is to find a real problem and work with the role of the artist, as if it was a 'joint company' that thinks in terms of solution, logo, branding and product as part of the work.

Henry Moore workshop

In Henry Moore's studio, we must get our hands in the materials. It's about using the things that lie right in front of us to create the new. The starting point is Henry Moore's studio, collection and his method, where natural materials such as stones, bones etc. provide concrete inspiration for the sculptures.