The collaboration has led to intense art encounters a.o. in the Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama and her seductive dotted universe, the Danish artist Poul Gernes’ stripes and colourful flags and the Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist’s immersive and colourful world. 

With the collaboration both the art museum and the school focus on the potential of art and museum as an alternative learning platform and the potential to create a framework for positive shared experiences:. “It has been amazing to see our children at Louisiana. The children have been highly curious and expressed great enthusiasm. The experiences have inspired the children and contributed to the development of their creative sides. We have since seen sides of the children that we otherwise do not experience”, tells the Head of the school.

Preparation for the project is key on both sides. Before their visits to Louisiana all the teachers and pedagogs prepare the project through a meeting with the museum and an evening workshop. Sharing experiences with the staff at Team V, the Art Educators at Louisiana are given greater insight into the individual needs and interests of these school children.

After an intense week together at Louisiana children, teachers and pedagogs continued the work back at their school where they wrapped  trees in Kusama dots, made pumpkin heads in paper maché as well as Gernes-inspired Dream Ships, circles, systems and ”lottery stripes”. Gernes’ oeuvre is a lifelong effort to make life better and more beautiful with art. We try to join in. 

Art museums can contribute to strengthening the versatile development of school children; their emotional, creative, intellectual, motoric and social development. The art museum ensures access to art of high quality for all. We need to create even more safe places for children and families in the inclusive museum and enable all schoolchildren to take part in this and to feel free and welcome to do it. 

‘Entering new worlds of learning’ was presented at the Hands On! Conference 2019 in Frankfurt by Art Educator, MA, Helle Søndergaard from Louisiana. Please do not hesitate to contact Helle at if you have any questions or suggestions for new collaborations.