Art invites us to explore nature in new ways, through which we discover nature’s richness of shapes, colors, materials, sounds and scents. And we may come to think about what nature is and our sense of belonging. At the same time, art gives us inspiration to create our own works, where we can share our thoughts and experiences on nature with others.

Nature through Art is a long-term educational programme for kindergartens and school classes, which includes three visits to Louisiana, where the children work with the themes ‘materials of nature’, ‘forces of nature’ and ‘(de)tours of nature’. Subsequently, Louisiana visits each school or kindergarten, where we in collaboration make green laboratories for the school’s or kindergarten’s other children. The collaboration begins with a course for educators or teachers, and as a conclusion to the project, we invite the children and their families to a day in the sign of art and nature at Louisiana.

The project is a two-year project across Louisiana Learning and Louisiana’s Children’s Wing and supported by the Villum Foundation. During 2020-2021, Louisiana has been visited by children from Tove Ditlevsens skole and Lergravsparkens Skole in Copenhagen, Endrupskolen in Fredensborg, Langebjergskolen in Humlebæk and Snekkersten Skole as well as the kindergartens Fasangården in Kokkedal, Søstjernen and Frugthaven in Humlebæk and Sneglehuset in Gladsaxe.