Many municipalities choose to send refugee children directly to the primary and lower secondary schools or to the primary and lower secondary school’s reception classes. It increases the need for new tools in the classroom in addition to the language efforts that already exist that can strengthen teachers ‘and students’ knowledge of each other and bridge linguistic and cultural differences.

In Louisiana, we have since 2006 developed special education courses for refugee children and young people who train their relationships and abilities to understand and express emotions. Students collaborate on creative assignments inspired by art ideas as well as their own thoughts and dreams. Non-verbal tools such as drawing and creative work act as a common thread that helps young people to focus and bridge linguistic challenges.

Project manager Line Ali Chayder offers to come out to your school and give an introduction and hold a workshop based on the project.

Travelling with art

The refugee project has been documented by journalist Marc-Christoph Wagner from the team behind the Louisiana Channel. The film follows a teaching course with students from Center Anneberg during their visit to the museum. Here, they explore art and its methods together with the museum's project manager Line Ali Chayder, and it shows how different drawing and collage exercises open up the possibility of expressing and immersing oneself.