Since its opening in 1958, Louisiana has been based on the vision of being a living museum that creates space for conversations, discussions and communities around the arts. At the same time, Louisiana’s identity is tied to a special site-specific architecture, with strong emphasis on the interplay between nature and architecture.

These elements, which could be called the Genius Loci (spirit of place) in Louisiana, inspired a collaboration with architect, Ida Flarup Barnett, to develop a learning programme for 5th and 6th graders from Langebjergskolen, Skt. Petri School and Langebjerg School with a focus on sharing territories (2018-2021). The course gives the children an insight into what it means to be an architect and let them try out specific methods and techniques from the architect’s toolbox.

With Louisiana as a case, we examine the relationship between architecture, ourselves and the nature around us. Along the way, we include elements from the architect’s toolbox such as signature drawings, floor plans, material samples, model building, mapping, local plans etc. The project leads to an exhibition at the school, where the children’s building plots grow together into a joint movement through landscape and architecture.

The project has been nominated for the International Architects’ Association’s Golden Cubes Awards 2020. The project is supported by the house artist scheme of Statens Kunstfond.