Celebrate your birthday with a 2-hour workshop for you and your friends in the Children's Wing.

PRICE: DKK 1150 (includes materials, juice, and coffee or tea for the adults).

Fridays 14-16 or Saturdays 11-13.

Together with an art professional from the Children’s Wing, you will explore one of Louisiana’s exhibitions and talk about and draw what you see. Afterward, you work with paintings or sculptures in the Children’s Wing workshop, where you have the opportunity to use various materials and techniques. Birthday gifts, cake, flags, meals, and songs will have to wait until you get home. There’s simply no time for that in the workshop!

Choose from the following themes:

  • Skulpture’s transformations
  • Painting’s transformations
  • Asger Jorn – painting
  • Giacometti – sculpture
  • The Sculpture Park

The workshop can of course also be booked if you do not have a birthday but just want to have a different kind of experience with friends or family.

  • Book your birthday workshop

    BOOKING: Call +45 49190719 (Monday-Thursday 9-15)