Louisiana Cafe

Louisiana Café combines delicious food with a world-class view over the Sound and Alexander Calder's majestic sculptures at The Calder Terrace.

Cafe opening hours
Tuesday-Friday 11.00-21.30
Saturday and Sunday 11.00-17.30
Holidays 11.00-17.30
Monday closed

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Louisiana Cafe's delicious Christmas menu offers exciting taste experiences prepared from seasonal produce and with a sharing-platter with Christmas flavours both at lunch and dinner.

Louisiana Members are currently able to enjoy 20% off on both the lunch and dinner menu, on hot and cold beverages as well as cakes. The special Christmas discount is available on weekdays Tuesday to Friday until 22 December.

Please note, that during the weekend member’s are able to enjoy the general 10% membership discount.


From 12-16 / weekend 12-17. All dishes are served with bread and butter. Children up to 12 are served dishes at half size for half-price (does not include Lunch for two).


Lunch for two: Icelandic herring with herbs, Madagascar pepper and egg yolk cream / Faroe Island gravadlax with crispy fennel and dill jelly / Open-faced sandwich with spicy Christmas pâté, salt-cured pork, pickled onions and meat jelly / Danish almond rice pudding (Risalamande) with crispy almonds and Amarena cherries369,-
Juniper salted rabbit confit in duck fat served with a strong mustard sauce and crushed root vegetables (gluten-free)189,-
Egg salad with hand-peeled shrimps, cress mayonnaise, trout roe, dill and mizuna salad (gluten-free/lactose-free)189,-
Green salad, pickled forest berries, baked plums, salted walnuts, sherry vinaigrette and butter-fried rye bread with soft Brie from Italy (vegetarian)189,-
Jerusalem artichoke soup with fried Jerusalem artichoke, smoked cream cheese and crispy peppered bacon (vegetarian without bacon/gluten-free)189,-
Vegan broccoli steak with linseed and lovage served with Pommes Anna, butternut squash, pepper sauce and lingonberries (vegan/gluten-free)189,-
Open-faced sandwich: please ask your waiter119,-



From 17.30-21. À la carte menu with exciting culinary experiences of seasonal produce. Each dish is served slightly larger than a starter, so we recommend ordering 2-3 dishes pr. person. Dishes are served with bread and butter.


4 oysters: 2 natural with lemon and 2 with buttermilk, horseradish, cucumber and dill oil (gluten-free)125,-
Faroe Island smoked salmon tartare with cucumber and Danish apples, lime jelly and crisp rye (gluten-free without crisp rye)125,-
Glazed beetroot and fresh cheese from Sondrup Gårdmejeri
with pickled lingonberries, goat cheese foam, pepper mayonnaise and fresh watercress (vegetarian/gluten-free)
Tapas for two: Country pâté of pork with pepper, wholegrain mustard and cornichons / Danish duck sausage, black olives and chickpea cream /
Cheese (Harald Blåtand and Sankt Thomas) with baked plum compote


Croquette of braised pork, potato purée with olive oil and lemon, fermented cabbage, pickled lingonberries and port wine sauce125,-
Fish of the day with spiced apple and rosemary compote, browned butter, capers, shallots and dry-cured bacon from Grambogård (gluten-free/vegetarian without bacon)125,-
Duck breast, red wine sauce with smoked marrow, sherry-glazed beetroot and carrot purée (gluten-free)125,-
Vegan broccoli steak with linseed and lovage served with Pommes Anna, butternut squash, pepper sauce and lingonberries (vegan/gluten-free)125,-


Danish blue cheese aged in cherry wine from Frederiksdal served on butter-toasted rye bread with cumin and bitter salads125,-
Danish almond rice pudding (Risalamande) with cherry sorbet, crispy almond tuiles and warm Amarena cherries, almond powder and sorrel (gluten-free without almond tuiles)125,-


12.00-21.00 / weekend 12.00-17.00


Cucumber / carrot / tomato / crispbread / cream cheese / dessert of the day59,-
Elderflower juice or apple juice36,-



Served from 11-21.30. All cakes from Reinh van Hauen.


Blackcurrant cake55,-
Lemon meringue pie55,-
Marzipan wreath cake with nougat45,-
Tosca cake45,-
2 small cream puffs35,-


Served from 11-21.30.Organic coffee from Colombia.


Cafe latte or Cappuccino46,-/ extra shot 15,-
Double espresso32,-
Black coffee, tea or hot chocolate36,-



Served from 11-21.30.


Sparkling: rhubarb, ginger/lemon or orange lemonade from Ebeltoft Gaardbryggeri42,-
Cola or Cola Zero42,-
Still water in cardboard bottle 0.5 liter or sparkling water (glass)29,-
Draft beer 42 cl or special beer55,-
Non-alcoholic beer 42 cl45,-



Served from 11-21.30.


2009 Dream Vintage, Grand Cru, Andre Clouet Brut (Champagne)Glass 119,- / Bottle 550,-,-
NV Brut Grande Reserve, Andre Clouet (Champagne)½ bottle 299,-
2022 Riesling Halbtrocken Essence, Prüm (white)Glass 89,- / Bottle 399,-
Sancerre, Pascal Jolivet (white)Glass 119,- / Bottle 550,-
S.A. Prüm Pinot Noir (rosé)Glass 89,- / Bottle 399,-
2020 Château l’Ermite d’Auzan (red)Glass 89,- / Bottle 399,-
2020 Maranges Rouge Les Regains, Domaine Nathalie Richez (red)Glass 119,- / Bottle 550,-


All income from the Louisiana Cafe directly supports the museum’s many activities: exhibitions, maintenance, guided tours, teaching, the Children’s Wing and more.

Book a table

It is possible to book a table on weekdays at 12 and 18 for a minimum of 8 people. For parties of 15 or more, a table must be reserved one week in advance. Book your table by writing to us info@louisiana.dk or phoning 49190719 (weekdays 9-15). Please note, that it is not possible to book a table during the school holidays.