Louisiana Cafe

Louisiana Café combines delicious food with a world-class view over the Sound and Alexander Calder's majestic sculptures at The Calder Terrace.

Cafe opening hours
Tuesday-Friday 11.00-21.30
Saturday and Sunday 11.00-17.30
Holidays 11.00-17.30
Monday closed

It is possible to reserve a table on weekdays at 12 and 18 for a minimum of 8 people. For parties of 15 or more, a table must be reserved one week in advance.

Visit the Park-Cafe: From the pop-up Park-Cafe, which is located in the Sculpture Park just outside the museum shop, you can buy a selection of sandwich, cakes as well as hot and cold beverages. Open at the weekend and public holidays from 11-17.30.

See menu


From 12-16 / weekend 12-17. All dishes are served with bread and butter. Children up to 12 are served dishes at half size for half-price (does not include Lunch for two).


Lunch for two: White asparagus, prawns, asparagus-mayonnaise / Hot-smoked salmon, smoked cream cheese, radishes / Poultry terrine, pickled green tomatoes, mustard sauce and watercress / 2 types of cheese with tomato jam369,-
White asparagus with shrimps, asparagus-mayonnaise, peas and dill189,-
Jerusalem artichoke consommé with purée of Jerusalem artichoke and diced, raw and baked Jerusalem artichokes, crisp rye and wild garlic (vegan)189,-
Salade Niçois: Grilled tuna, potatoes, green beans, egg yolk cream, olives, tomatoes and anchovy vinaigrette189,-
Open-faced sandwich: please ask your waiter119,-



From 17.30-21. The evening menu presents an a la carte menu with exciting culinary experiences of seasonal produce. Each dish is served slightly larger than a starter, so we recommend ordering 2-3 dishes pr. person. Dishes are served with bread and butter.


Paté en croûte: Corned duck, chicken, pistachio, pepper, pickled vegetables and mustard mayonnaise125,-
Asparagus flan, green asparagus, potatoes, radishes and tomatoes (vegan)125,-
Peel-and-eat-shrimps and dill dressing125,-
½ lobster from Canada with garlic mayonnaise, grilled lemon and salad with creamy dressing225,-


Duck confit with pickled greens, bean purée and balsamic vinegar125,-
White asparagus with shrimps and sauce mousseline125,-
Hot-smoked salmon with horseradish cream sauce and dill oil125,-
Jerusalem artichoke consommé with purée of Jerusalem artichoke and diced, raw and baked Jerusalem artichokes, crisp rye and wild garlic (vegan)125,-


Mazarin cake with rhubarb compote and rhubarb sorbet125,-
The cheese plate with 3 types of cheese, tomato jam and crisp bread125,-


12.00-21.00 / weekend 12.00-17.00


Cucumber / carrots / tomato / crispbread / cream cheese / dessert of the day59,-
Elderflower juice or apple juice36,-



Served from 11-21.30. All cakes from Reinh van Hauen.


Strawberry cake55,-
Lemon meringue pie55,-
Marzipan wreath cake with nougat45,-
Coconut macaroon with orange35,-
2 small cream puffs35,-


Served from 11-21.30.Organic coffee from Colombia.


Cafe latte or Cappuccino46,-/ extra shot 15,-
Double espresso32,-
Black coffee, tea or hot chocolate36,-



Served from 11-21.30.


Sparkling: rhubarb, ginger/lemon or orange lemonade from Ebeltoft Gaardbryggeri42,-
Cola or Cola Zero42,-
Still water in cardboard bottle 0.5 liter or sparkling water (glass)29,-
Draft beer 42 cl or special beer55,-
Non-alcoholic beer 42 cl45,-



Served from 11-21.30.


2009 Dream Vintage, Grand Cru, Andre Clouet Brut (Champagne)Glass 119,- / Bottle 550,-,-
NV Brut Grande Reserve, Andre Clouet (Champagne)½ bottle 299,-
2018 Chardonnay Pascal Bouchard – Vezelay (white)Glass 89,- / Bottle 399,-
2020 Sancerre Sauvage, Pascal Jolivet (white)Glass 119,- / Bottle 550,-
S.A. Prüm Pinot Noir (rosé)Glass 89,- / Bottle 399,-
2020 Château l’Ermite d’Auzan (red)Glass 89,- / Bottle 399,-
2020 Maranges Rouge Les Regains, Domaine Nathalie Richez (red)Glass 119,- / Bottle 550,-


All income from the Louisiana Cafe directly supports the museum’s many activities: exhibitions, maintenance, guided tours, teaching, the Children’s Wing and more.