• Is it necessary to buy an entrance ticket, if I wish to visit the café and The Sculpture Park?

    You will need to buy an entrance ticket or a membership if you wish to visit the café and park.

  • And what about the shop?

    You can visit the Louisiana Shop briefly at no admission charge with a temporary ticket that will be refunded within half an hour.

  • What payment options are there?

    The admissions counter, the café and shop accept a large selection of credit cards and a large selection of different currencies. Please note, that when you pay cash in foreign currency, you will receive Danish Kroner in return.

  • Are there lockers bags etc.?

    The museum offer secure lockers on the lower level of the Louisiana Shop. The lockers are coin operated and require a deposit of DKK 20.

    Backpacks, large bags and umbrellas may not be taken into the galleries. Please note, that there are a selection of large lockers for suitcases.

  • Is it possible to bring my own food?

    If you bring food from outside the museum, you need to eat it in the park. Larger picnic parties in the park is not allowed.

  • Is it allowed to take photos?

    It is generally allowed to photograph in the temporary exhibitions – without the use of flash, tripod and/or selfie sticks. However there may be exceptions regarding the temporary exhibitions, so please keep an eye on the signage in the exhibition that you are about to enter. If in doubt, you are always welcome to ask.

    Photography is allowed in The Sculpture Park and presentations of the museum’s collection.

  • Can I talk on the phone?

    Phone conversations are not allowed in the galleries presenting temporary exhibitions.

  • Where do I go for a smoke?

    Smoking is not allowed inside the museum. But outside in The Sculpture Park and by the main entrance it is possible to smoke, as long as it is not disturbing the others guests.

  • Can I bring my dog?

    Animals are not allowed inside the museum or in the park.

  • Do you offer free entry to children?

    Children and young adults up to 18 have free entry. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Can I bring a pram into the galleries?

    You will find the entrance for prams on the right hand side in the courtyard though the automatic door.

    Smaller strollers can be brought into the galleries. Prams and larger strollers must be stored in the museum’s pram parking area on the lower level of the shop. Here you can also borrow a small stroller by a deposit of DKK 20.

  • Am I able to visit the museum in a wheelchair?

    If you arrive in a wheelchair or have difficult walkting up steps you will find the entrance to the museum on the right hand side in the courtyard through the automatic door.

    It is possible to borrow wheelchairs and walkers at the museum. We recommend booking in advance. You can also borrow folding chairs in the temporary exhibitions. Ramps, elevators and lifts provide access to the galleries on the different levels of the museum.

    The Concert Hall: If you need a wheelchair you should order a ticket for the balcony in The Concert Hall on telephone +45 4919 0719 or by asking at the entrance.

    Louisiana’s wheelchairs are sponsored by ETAC A/S.

    Hearing and visually impaired: By contacting our Visitor Services in advance it is possible to obtain permission to touch selected sculptures with gloves. Contact the department on telephone +45 4919 0719.

    Guide dogs are permitted. The Concert Hall is equipped with equipment for transmission to hearing aids.

    Visitors with disabilities can bring with them a person to help them free of charge.

    Louisiana is a member of the ‘Good Access’ labelling scheme.

  • Where are the toilets?

    There are toilets in all wings of the museum. Most have a toilet for the disabled as well as changing facilities.

  • When is the museum most busy?

    There are usually not that many guests from 14/15 on weekdays and until the museum closes at 22. Weekends/holidays are often busier, and especially right after a new exhibition has opened.