You can download our free educational materials (in Danish) before and after your visit. The materials are based on the museum's collection, current and previous exhibitions.

You can visit Louisiana as a Self-led school visit or by booking a Learning Programme with one of Louisiana Learning’s art educators.

Below you can find inspiration and publications in English.


Inspiration and publications

  • Travelling with Art

    About Louisiana Learning’s long-term work with refugee children and youth.
    Find the publication here.

    You can also download the workbook “Pencil in Pocket” and the teacher’s guide to the workbook.

  • Use Art

    Filmed presentations from inspiration days about using art interdisciplinary:

    With Shirley Brice Heath

    With Martha Flemming

  • ArtSites is an educational website where teachers and students can find information and inspiration on how to engage with art and context in subjects such as art, English, media, drama, history, social studies or in cross-disciplinary projects.