At the site Louisiana Press, you can download press images and other press materials.

Press Contact
Jan Hybertz Gøricke, Head of Press
Mobile: +45 28585052

Please note that Louisiana’s press images can only be used in conjunction with media coverage of Louisiana and/or the museum’s current exhibitions.

The terms of use for press images are indicated at the ‘information view’ of the images. The complete caption, with credits, must accompany each photo.

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  • News and Press Releases in your Inbox

    If you would like to receive press materials, press releases and press information from Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, please send an e-mail to including the following information: full name, media, contact information and please tell us which are your fields of interests among art, architecture/design, literature, and music.

  • Press Visits to the Museum

    Free entrance to Louisiana is granted to members of the press having a confirmed commission and/or other work-related reasons. A valid – Danish or international – press card is needed. Accreditation without a valid press card is not possible at the entrance reception desk.

    If you are not able to present your press card at the entrance reception desk, press access is only possible if you have received press accreditation from Louisiana Press.

  • Press Accreditation

    To apply for press accreditation, please send an e-mail to at least one day in advance and including the following information: full name, media, the purpose of visit and date of visit. You need to have received an e-mail confirming your press accreditation. Accreditation on the day at the entrance reception desk is not possible.

  • Photo and Film Recordings

    Professional photo and film recordings are only allowed with permission from and an agreement with the press or communication office. If you wish to apply for permission, please send an e-mail to including the following information:

    • Who is doing the recordings, who are you?
    • Do you have a commission? From who?
    • Who is participating in front of the camera?
    • What is the purpose and how are you planning to publish/broadcasting?
    • How do plan the recordings at the museum? – timing, crew, gear, etc.